Sally is in school every day and is our wellbeing liaison member of staff.

Corinna is in every Wednesday and is a Clinical Psychologist.

If you would like some time with Sally or Corinna please let them know. You can also talk to your keyworker about this.

Staffordshire Children’s Rights Service Bulletins

Mental Health Apps

There are lots of different apps that are available that can help with your mental health. You can download them on your phone, tablet or console. Below are two short videos of different apps. Take a look, give them a download and see how you get on.

Every mind matters!

The link below will take you to the ‘Every Mind Matters self-care tool’ which can help you create your own ‘Mind Plan’. This can help you to take simple steps to look after your mental health and find a good work-life balance. There is also a video to watch…




Ollee is a digital friend for children, created by Parent Zone and funded by BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative, which aims to make a difference to children’s emotional wellbeing.

It’s designed to help children reflect on how they feel and to process their experiences with the support and help of their parents and carers – and it does this by offering them advice about a range of subjects: school, family, friends, their body, the internet and the world.

For each of these subjects, children can choose an emotion that matches how they feel about it: happy, angry, sad, confused, frustrated, stressed or worried.

Next, they can choose from a list of topics – for instance, a child who was worried about school might be able to select ‘I haven’t done my homework’ as the cause of their worry. Finally, they’ll see a page of advice about the topic, presented in child-friendly bite-sized chunks they can read then or save for later.