Online Safety

New Video from Catch22

In response to the lockdown, Catch22 has produced a video aimed directly at children and young people, given that we know they will be spending many hours a day on their devices and they are coming into contact with fewer adults who might otherwise have the opportunity to help safeguard them. You may already have seen the video (attached) as it has been shared with commissioners, across Catch22 social media nationally and a copy was even requested by the Met Police.

You will see that the messages are in the form of abbreviations and emojis which will be familiar to many young people but perhaps less so to parents and professionals.

NEW Online Safety Videos from New Zealand

One of my favourite online safety videos is called ‘Where’s Klaus?’*, in which the boy’s mother keeps opening the door to various unsuitable people from ‘The Internet’. It’s nearly ten years old now, but the message is still very relevant today.

A new campaign from the New Zealand Government has just launched and four videos have been created to get the message home, illustrating the different challenges for parents online.

The videos can be found here:


Online Bullying:

Online Grooming:

Inappropriate Content:

More information here: You can find the videos and resources here:
*Where’s Klaus can be found on YouTube here: 

Childnet Film competition 2020

Although there are many videos about online safety, now there’s a chance to help create one of your own!

The Childnet Film Competition has now been running for 11 years and has shown off great talent and creativity. This year there are three categories, including one where you don’t actually have to create the film itself:

  • Solo category – Young people make their own film, with minimal support from an adult.
  • Group category – Work with friends or family to make a film.
  • Storyboard category – Create a short storyboard and script for a film.

The challenge is to create a positive, short online safety film or a storyboard with a script in response to this year’s theme which is ‘We want an internet where we’re free to…’

The deadline closes next Monday 22nd June 2020 at 5pm.

More information about the competition and tips on what makes a great film or storyboard here: