Exam Success

We are very pleased to share our most recent exam results with you. Well done to all of our students and best wishes to all who have left us to go on to new adventures…we can’t wait to hear how you are all getting on!

Qualifications Summer 2023


Functional Skills Level 1

1 Pass

Functional Skills Level 2

6 Passes

GCSE English Language

4 Passes – 1 at Grade 5 and 3 at Grade 3


Functional Skills Level 1

8 Passes

Functional Skills Level 2

2 Passes


6 Passes – 2 at Grade 5, 2 at Grade 4 and 2 at Grade 2


Entry Level 3

4 Passes

GCSE Chemistry

6 Passes – 2 at Grade 4, 3 at Grade 3 and 1 at Grade 2

GCSE Biology

1 Pass at Grade 3

BTEC Tech Award in Sport 2022

Level 1

1 Merit and 1 Distinction

Level 2

1 Pass


Functional Skills Level 1

1 Pass

Functional Skills Level 2

2 Passes

Vocational Studies

BTEC Subsidiary Award

3 passes

BTEC Award

4 Passes

BTEC Certificate

1 Pass


Student A – Newcastle College – Level 3 Protective Studies

Student B – South Staffordshire College – Equine Studies

Student C – South Staffordshire College – Equine Studies

Student D – Equality Training – childcare

Student E – Derby College – Horticulture

Student F – Supported Internship in funeral direction

Student G – Supported Internship in catering

Student H – Apprenticeship, dog grooming

Student I – Sandwell College – Plumbing

All leavers have gone on to further education or training.

Exam results 2021-2022

As always, we are so proud of each and every student who have partaken in exams.  They have not only sat exams for the first time in two years, they have achieved some incredible grades with their hard work and determination. As well as core subjects, students have undertaken exams in other subjects such as BTEC PE and Functional Skills Computing, results for these will be released next year.  Some of these results are for our year 10 students so we are really excited to see what they can do next year.

Students that have left us this year have gone on to do amazing things.   Below are some of the examples of the kinds of things they have moved on to:

An apprenticeship in mechanical engineering

An apprenticeship in farming

Supported internship with Mencap

Full time employment

SubjectNumber of students% Pass rate
Functional Skills English Level 11100%
Functional Skills English Level 25100%
Functional Skills Maths Level 11100%
Functional Skills Maths Level 22100%
Science Entry Level Award4100%
SubjectNumber of students% Achieved a pass or above (4+)% Achieved 5+
English Literature333% 
English Language250%50%

Exam results 2020-2021

We are really proud of what our students have achieved this year… in the face of adversity they have excelled!  Well done all!

Functional skills

Subject/levelNumber of students% pass rate
Maths level 1475
English level 14100
Science Entry level award5100


SubjectNumber of students% achieved a pass (4 or above)% achieved 5+% achieved a 7+
English Lang91005611

2019-2020 Exam results

SubjectNumber of students entered% achieve 4+% achieved 2/3
Maths GCSE66733
English GCSE94456
Biology GCSE31000
Chemistry GCSE21000
Subject/LevelNumber of students entered% passed
Maths Functional Skills L1 3 100
Maths Functional Skills L2 5 100
English Functional Skills L1 3 100
English Functional Skills L 2 3 100
Entry Level Science 1 100
Other accredited courses 8 100

Destination data 2020

Students final school yearCourse/level
11Apprenticeship Mechanics- Martek
11Mechanical engineering-South Staffs college-level 2
12Apprenticeship agriculture- Rodbaston
11Equality- Barbering –level 2
12Supported internship with Mencap
12Supported internship with Mencap  
12Hair and Beauty- Derby College

2018-2019 Exam Results

For those students in school we achieved a 100% pass rate across the board!

Year 11 Results

SubjectNumber of students% passed
Functional skills level 1-English6100
Functional skills level 1-Maths683 (100 of those taught in school)
Entry level Science5100

All of our yr 11 students this year have chosen to stay on for our sixth form. They are all studying a bespoke programme, including working towards level 2/GCSE qualifications.  This is supplemented with offsite provision, specifically chosen for their future aspiration and particular needs.  These include, work experience, days at local colleges and life skills work.

Year 10 Results

SubjectNumber of students% passed
Functional skills level 1-English3100
Functional skills level 1-Maths2100
GCSE Chemistry2100

Exam success 2017-2018

Students at The Haven have been celebrating their recent exam results and, as a staff team, we are immensely proud of their success. For some of our students, simply sitting an exam has been a massive achievement, and so for them to pass a series of examinations is truly creditworthy.

Our students achieved in a range of qualifications including GCSE and Functional Skills in subjects such as Maths, English and Science. Everyone who sat a GCSE passed the exam and each student achieved at least a Functional Skills pass in English.

Nearly every year 11 and 12 student achieved a formal qualification in Maths and English, alongside a range of vocational and ASDAN qualifications. These included short courses in ‘Sport and Fitness’, ‘Food Technology’, ‘Animal Care’ and ‘Careers and the Work Place’.

The majority of our year 11 students have remained at the school to continue their studies in our Sixth Form, but those that have left have done so to follow a further education route in local colleges. The courses they have chosen to study are: ‘Health and Social Care’, ‘Child Care’ and ‘Food Preparation’.

As a school, we aim to enable students to achieve qualifications in the subjects that matter to them, and in those that will help them to progress in their chosen direction, whether that be academic or vocational. For this to happen, we try to offer as wide a range of diverse academic, vocational and other opportunities as possible.

The level at which students are assessed depends on many factors. With most students, we aim for at least three GCSEs in Maths, English and Science. However, for students for whom this is not initially viable, we offer Functional Skill and entry level qualifications in year 11 with the potential to take GCSEs in our Sixth Form. Students that progress more quickly are able to sit functional skill examinations in year 10, in preparation for their GCSEs in year 11. Each examination pathway is bespoke to the individual and adjusted as and when needed to ensure the right amount of challenge, but also taking into consideration the emotional needs of our learners.
We now look forward to even greater success next year!