Values & Vision


Our vision for The Haven is for it to be a place where young people are learning and reaching their potential in an environment where they feel safe, supported and free of anxiety. This is a big ask when we are aware that some of our pupils have suffered extensive anxiety and trauma. However, our ambitions are great and our focus is relentless. We support and inspire pupils to raise the aspirations they have for themselves, to develop a love of learning and to become socially comfortable people.

We achieve this by having a well-trained, highly skilled staff group and inspirational leaders who never give up. If one approach does not work then we try another … and another. We work closely with parents, carers and other professionals with a continued focus on what is best for the young person. We don’t always make it easy for the pupil as we challenge them to be the best version of themselves. But they know we care and do our best to understand their perspective and the things they find challenging and difficult. We believe in them and, over time, they start to believe in themselves. And then the magic happens.


Everybody is respected-Each individual is unique and has unique needs. 

High aspirations -We aspire to meet the individual needs of all our pupils and our pupils aspire to be the very best they can. 

Pupils feel safe and valued in school-A safe nurturing community is essential for academic success. 

Making mistakes is okay- Pupils are encouraged to try tricky tasks and stretch themselves to make mistakes and learn from them.

Learning is possible-Every pupil is supported and any barriers to learning minimalised so that they can fulfil their potential. 

Be kind-Service to others is a basic duty of all our community. 

Learn to trust- Developing trust in each other is at the heart of our work.