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When nudes get shared around

You’ve probably heard about people sending ‘nudes’, ‘pics’ or ‘n4n’ (nudes for nudes). These are naked or partly-naked photos or videos. Young people might send nude images to: 

  • A boyfriend/girlfriend
  • A best friend (as a joke)
  • Someone they like or think is good looking

If you have sent a nude, or are thinking about sending one, read our advice article Selfies: The Naked Truth 

Whoever the picture was originally sent to, the sender probably assumed that it would be kept private. Particularly if it was sent to someone they really like and trust. Even if it was sent to someone they don’t know that well - it can still be hard to believe that someone would share such a personal image.

But unfortunately, sometimes nudes get shared around schools and amongst friendship groups online, or even more widely than that.

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